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Saudi Arabia: SAIP Patent search engine is all set and noticeable efforts in protecting IP rights

Saudi Arabia: SAIP Patent search engine is all set and noticeable efforts in protecting IP rights

Saudi Intellectual Property Authority “SAIP” has updated its patent search engines which provide an IP Search Platform for enabling users to search “Published Patents, Industrial Designs, and Integrated Circuits Applications”, as well as a Platform for “Granted Patents”. The operational search engine can be accessed through this link: https://www.saip.gov.sa/en/ip-search/

Prior to such considerable step taken by SAIP, no search services were provided and it was not possible to obtain information and to search amongst pending patent applications in Saudi Arabia.

The available information for pending patent applications is available in Arabic language only. For granted patents there is an option of choosing the following languages (Arabic, English, French, Japanese), the titles of the granted patent are shown as per the selected language, however, the details of the patents are shown in Arabic and English.

As to the search methodology of granted patents, it is possible to conduct a “Basic search” by using keywords or “Advanced search” by using the following: (Title, filing Number, Filing Date, Publication Number, Description, Abstract, Priority Number, Priority date, Technology).

For granted patents, the information available for a patent is available under three main parts as follows:
1) Bibliographic, 2) Documents, and 3) Drawings. There are 7741 patents available on the SAIP portal and the filing dates ranges from years 1966 to 2020.

SAIP continues to invest in building IP awareness with greater respect for IP rights. It held a virtual workshop entitled “Protecting and Strengthening IP Rights in the Digital Field” with Google in June 2021. The workshop aims to identify the technical methods used in digital violations and mechanisms to combat digital broadcast piracy and protect IP rights through removing infringing content from Google’s platforms, YouTube platform, and blocking violating applications on the Google Play store.

This seemingly coordinated effort is to improve the enforcement and protection of IP rights, and to enhance the economic impact. It is noteworthy that SAIP blocked more than 300 violating websites and electronic applications during the year 2021 AD, while more than three and a half million materials violating IP rights were seized[1].

In line with SAIP’s mission to raise awareness of the IP in the Arab world, it announced [1]on June 18, 2021, the first edition of the Arabic Glossary of Intellectual Property, which includes the most important terms contained in IP systems and treaties. The Glossary contains more than 250 intellectual property terms in both Arabic and English, 85 of which have an explanation.

This Glossary is the first of its kind in the region which reflects SAIP’s initiative to spread the concept of IP in the Middle East and North Africa regions and to promote Arabic content in this field[2].