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COVID-19 Update: Provision of Late Filing of Patent Applications in Egypt

Issue 25 May 2020

In yet another update, we are pleased to share the information that the Egypt Patent office will now accept patent applications without any late fees for applications which has the deadline from March 25, 2020 until June 25, 2020. The patent application must be accompanied with a ‘letter of request’ from the Applicant clearly stating the genuine reason of late filing – which can include the current situation of lockdown, curfew in the Applicant’s country and such.

The said notification was issued under Decision No. (98) for the year 2020 and is in effect, immediately.

We hope this step taken by the authorities in Egypt will help Applicants who were not able to meet the statutory requirements for filing patent application due to COVID-19.

Should you or one of your team members need further information on this, please contact us at patents@unitedtm.com .