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COVID-19 Update: Provision of Late Filing of Patent Applications in Oman

Issue 14 May 2020

Amid COVID-19’s pandemic outbreak, Applicants’ usual business from different parts of the world has stalled globally. The Applicants are therefore unable to meet the statutory requirements for filing patent application in different jurisdictions.

Given the current situation, a provision has been drawn up by the Oman Patent Office for the late filing of a patent application to be accepted on a cases by case basis. The patent application must be accompanied with a ‘letter of request’ from the Applicant clearly stating the genuine reason of late filing – which can include the current situation of lockdown, curfew in the Applicant’s country and such. In addition to the aforementioned, the Applicant may also require to pay late filing fees before the Oman Patent Office.

We hope this step taken by the Oman Patent office will pave the way for many Applicants to maintain their rights intact. Hence, in this time of difficulties and uncertainties, it is highly recommended to take right move by initiating the filing process without any delay, if the Applicant is interested in filing the patent application in Oman.

Should you or one of your team members need further information on this, please contact us at patents@unitedtm.com .