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GCC Anti-commercial Fraud Law updates in Oman and Kuwait

Issue 10 Sep 2021

Majlis Ash’shura (which is the lower house of the Council of Oman) referred the draft unified GCC Anti-Commercial Fraud Law to the State Council without changes, during its 12th ordinary session of the second annual sitting (2019-2020) of the ninth term (2019-2023). It was highlighted during the session that the draft law throws light on the importance of fighting commercial fraud of protecting consumers’ health.

Meanwhile, Kuwait, which endorsed the bill in 2019, has recently published the Implementing Regulations[1] of the unified GCC Anti-Commercial Fraud Law No. 20 of 2019. The publication expands the definition of a commercial fraud crime to include the act of selling and/or producing infringing or fraudulent products, or raw materials used to produce goods that are harmful to health and safety.

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