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MAURITIUS: The industrial Property Act of 2019

Issue 07 Nov 2019

In Mauritius, the Intellectual Property Act has been passed by the Mauritius Parliament on July 30, 2019.

The Intellectual Property Act make the Mauritian Intellectual Property (IP) system more reactive to the demands of researchers, investors, and entrepreneurs.

The new Act has combined all IP-related matters into one statute, including:

1. Introduction of The Industrial Property Act 2019

2. Overview of The Industrial Property Act 2019

2. Patents, Utility Models, and Patent Cooperation Treaty

3. Layout-Designs of Integrated Circuits

4. Plant Varieties

5. The Industrial Designs

6. The Madrid Protocol (Trademark), Trademarks and Trade Names

7. Geographical Indications

The new Intellectual Property Act will provide a department within the Ministry, which shall be named as The Industrial Property Office of Mauritius (“IPOM”). IPOM shall enforce and administer the Act and further cooperate in the development, promotion, and protection of the industrial property governed by the proposed Industrial Property Act of 2019.

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