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Issue 29 Jul 2021

The Ajman Police General Headquarters - Ministry of Interior announced on June 1, 2021 that 120,000 counterfeit items were confiscated for luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, GUCCI, BOSS, HERMES, CHANEL, DIOR, CARTIER, PRADA, ADIDAS, ROLEX, VAN CLEEF, VERSACE, among several others. The Criminal Investigation Department received complaint from brand owners related to the existence of counterfeit products, investigations were conducted and the counterfeit goods were seized which include leather products, clothes, accessories, watches, and sunglasses.[1]

It was announced also on May 23, 2021 that the efforts of the Department of Control and Consumer Protection limited the spread of counterfeit goods by managing to carry out 6,044 inspection visits to shops and markets, which resulted in raising the awareness of 565 establishments and alerting 384 establishments, in addition to recording 167 violations, and closing 23 establishments. The competent department also dealt with 221 complaints related to consumer protection, and 12 complaints related to trademarks and combating commercial fraud during the first quarter of 2021.[2]

It is encouraging for brand owners that the authorities in Ajman are very cooperative in enforcing the brand owners’ rights and taking necessary actions in the fight against counterfeiting in the Emirate. Such proactive enforcement has led to a 3% decrease in the trademark owner complaints and 29% rate of decrease in violations compared to 2020.[3]

As one of its tools to combat infringement activities, the Ajman Department of Economic Development is providing an online service called “Request for Consideration of Trademark Infringement Dispute” that allows trademark owners to safeguard their trademarks through filing complaints related to trademark infringements.[4]