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Issue 29 Dec 2016

Legal IP Updates

A review of recent legal changes affecting intellectual property in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Republic of Iraq, Australia,Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, Organisation Africaine de la Propriété intellectuelle.

IP Topic: Australia, Bahrain, ICANN, Iraq,  OAPI

What  Goes  Beyond  Opposition  in UAE?

In one of the opposition cases on behalf of our client, a famous international real estate agency, the infringing party had adopted both the trademark and trade name which were almost identical to our client’s prior registered trademark. The trademark office decided in client’s favor due to prior use and registration for the same real estate services for an identical mark by our client

IP Topic: Domain name, Opposition,Trade name, UAE
Benefits Of Registering IP Assets in the Name of an Offshore Company

The term "Offshore Company" conjures up images of tax havens, but offshore companies have many other useful benefits. In an era where intellectual property has become one of the most dominant assets of a business, the valuable role an offshore company may play in the success of the intellectual property assets should be given serious consideration.

IP Topic:IP Assets, Offshore Company
Spotlight: Lebanon

Being dispersed with political turmoil since its independence in 1943, Lebanon has still marked its position as the regional centre for finance and trade and has acquired the title of "the Pearl of the Middle east". A permanent political instability was the aftermath of a long drawn civil war which went on for more than 15 years in the country.

IP Topic:Lebanon, Patents, Trademarks.

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